Brain Power

If I could unlock the other 90% of my brain, I would probably invent a few things that would help the world, like a cure for cancer, some sort of temporal displacement portal, etc. From the money I get from my inventions, I would explore. I would see all the amazing sights of the world and figure out ways to protect them as well. I would take on space travel and go out and see the universe.

One of my students posed an interesting question though, would it just be me using all 100% or would others in the world be with me. I think I would work so that others are also using more of their brain too (and maybe that is just the teacher in me). If you were the only super-genious, it would be lonely. You would struggle to connect with others and tolerate their ignorance and stupidity (something that is a struggle sometimes when I am at 10% … and others clearly are not).

Daily Prompt – Brain Power